Training Programs


Training Programs

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The TTA pathway begins with the developmental program where players will start their journey of becoming a complete player. Each stage in the developmental program follows the USTA guidelines for under 10 tennis.
Developing athletic skills while building a solid technical and tactical foundation will support long term development. The TTA uses detailed competencies to measure players in each stage to ensure the player is competent and confident to progress.
Developmental Program


Students will begin their athletic development through a series of movements, exercises and fun games. Improving overall coordination and linking the upper and lower body is key to beginning tennis. This class aims to improve hand-eye coordination and introductory tennis skills. Your child will love it even more with a friend!
  • Teach athletic skills and get kids more prepared for red ball courts
  • Inspire kids to fall in love with tennis while learning skills
  • Teach a basic understanding of the body and how to link eyes, feet, arms and legs thru games and drills
  • Students will learn the
    basics of tennis, ages 4-6
  • Hand-eye Coordination
  • Introductory Skills
  • Specially Designed Equipment

Red Ball CLASS

We want to instill a love of the sport while teaching athletic skills and proper fundamentals. This fun class follows the TTA teaching competencies so players have the correct foundation to advance through the developmental pathway. Players without tennis experience will need a minimum of 50 weeks attending twice per week to acquire the skills to advance through the red system. Fun take home exercises are a great way to help young players improve hand eye coordination and overall athletic ability.
  • Red Ball 2:
    • The introductory red ball courts are  designed to help students learn upper and lower body coordination by linking the arms, hands and feet through a series of movements, games, and exercises. Fundamentals are key in this stage so players can begin to rally and control the ball. Basic grips and swing paths are established so players can enjoy playing.
  • Red ball 1:
    • Players on this court have a good understanding of grips, basic swings and movement fundamentals. Ball control and complex rally's are introduced. Players can serve, score, and compete in USTA play days. These players are motivated and may begin taking 30 minute private or semi private lessons from a TTA coach.
  • Ages 6-7
  • Development of Technique
  • Lower bouncing ball
  • Stroke Progressions

Orange Ball Class

Learning and performing the TTA competencies is critical during this stage because players will build habits and muscle memory that will last their entire tennis life. Coaches will create competition through games and drills to work on decision making, reading the court and the opponent. Players learn patterns and can control spins and directions. Tournament play is encouraged.
  • Orange ball 2:
    • Players will develop an understanding of the correct grips, footwork stances, and swing pathways. Athletic development and a focus on technique are important building blocks for this stage. We highly encourage players to choose a TTA coach and begin private or semi private lessons to speed up the developmental process.
  • Orange ball 1:
    • Expand on athletic skills and detailed technical development. Players need to play tournaments and pursue a basic ranking. Players will work with coaches to define personal goals and set up a basic training and tournament schedule. Strong emphasis on the competencies along with strategy and mental toughness through games, and drills.
Semi private or private lessons with a TTA coach 1-2x per week is recommended  
  • Address technical foundation, and make sure players are progressing in fundamentals and movements
  • Teach controls, spins, build rallies, understanding of moving forward
  • Stances, recognition, and serve correctly
  • Ages 7-10
  • Refining technical foundation
  • Rallies, spins, controls
  • Grips, swingpaths, footwork

Green Ball Class

Students have a clear understanding of the proper grips, stances, and swing pathways. Players will engage in more live ball controls and complex patterns. Continued focus on footwork and athletic ability through specific drills and exercises. Players should attend play days, join junior team tennis and participate in USTA Oklahoma challenger and/or championships events It is highly recommended players choose a TTA coach for private or semi private lessons. Players need to understand the tournament system and have clear goals to advance to yellow balls.
  • Address technical deficiencies that stand out and begin to build weapons around a defined game style
  • Ages 9-12
  • Tactics
  • Live Ball
  • Pattern of Play

Elite Class

By invitation only - for serious tournament players. Students have clear technical, tactical, and emotional goals. Complex patterns using the serve and returns are used to enhance the defined gamestyle. Determination to compete and work hard with a positive attitude. There is an organized tournament schedule and players set up practice matches outside of TTA classes.
All players have a TTA personal coach and a developmental plan, with private or semi private lessons.  
  • Educate families and inspire players to become national level 12's players
  • Teach players independence and responsibility for their tennis
  • Ages 8-13
  • Tactics
  • Live Ball
  • Pattern of Play
Academy Program


Players are refining the fundamentals through the TTA competencies and core values. Players have more defined gamestyle centered around building weapons and more complex patterns. All players in this class have a TTA coach, developmental plan, and an organized training and tournament schedule. This is primarily a yellow ball class that requires traveling outside Oklahoma for Missouri valley events. These players have goals to play under 12's national events and dreams of college tennis and beyond.
  • Develop players into top sectional and national players
  • Create a team environment to compete and train hard
  • Teach players independence and responsibility for their tennis
  • Ages 10-18
  • Tactics + Live Ball + Pattern of Play
  • Match Play
  • Tournament Travel and Supervision
  • Player Evaluation


The High School class focuses on skill development specifically for players in middle or high school tennis who share a similar level and goals. This class stresses FUN competition through drills and games while working on the fundamentals. USTA tournaments are not required.
  • Ages 13-18
  • Middle and High School Players
  • Singles and Doubles Training
  • Live and fed-ball drills
  • Fun Environment


The Academy class is designed for tournament players who want to play college tennis. TTA core values are reinforced and are paramount to the culture of the class. Students will further develop through a series of challenging drills and match play. Players will face adversity, learn to problem solve, and compete against all different styles and levels. Fitness training, tournament play and goal setting with a TTA private coach is critical to succeeding during this stage of the pathway. Students will travel to Oklahoma district and Missouri Valley tournaments in pursuit of a sectional and national ranking along with taking semi or private lessons from a TTA coach.
TTA coaches, in partnership with Scholarships for Athletes, will assist with college placement beginning sophomore year.
  • Ages 10-18
  • Tactics + Live Ball + Patterns of Play
  • Match Play
  • Tournament Travel and Supervision
  • Goal Setting for College Tennis


Players are committed to a lifestyle of competitive tennis. This team environment is unique and players  are challenged to be their personal best on and off the court. These goal driven players want to compete at the highest levels in junior tennis. This class requires an alternative school schedule and tremendous time management. There will never be more than 4 players on a court during training and every player will have a daily focus, weekly goal, and yearly developmental plan. Tournament planning, periodization, and tennis specific fitness are critical to the success of the player in the full time program. All players will have a TTA coach to mentor and guide the developmental process.
  • Ages 11-18
  • By approval only
  • Detailed player development plan
  • Mentorship program
  • USTA and ITF travel
  • Customized mental and fitness training