“It is a great honor to be selected by the USTA as one of the 5 USTA Regional Training Centers. This partnership brings tremendous benefit to our players and families. Coaching education, play opportunities, resources, and training camps are just the a few examples. The synergy between the national level coaches and regional coaches is exciting and will certainly pay great dividends for junior and professional tennis in the U.S. for years to follow.”

Trent Tucker
Director TTA

We are so happy to share our passion and love for tennis development with your family.
Six years ago the USTA chose Tucker Tennis as one of the best 24 training centers in the United States. After re-evaluating the RTC program the USTA cut the centers down to only 5!

The remaining centers represent the highest bar of teaching, coaching, and training available. TTA systems of teaching, philosophy, technical and tactical standards are all aligned with those of the USTA.

This continuity allows our players to benefit from the vast resources the USTA provides. Our staff is constantly evaluated and provided cutting edge education. A mental specialist provides in house training for players and parents. Fitness training, parent and player resources, elite training camps, and quarterly visits by top national coaches are just some of the value our players receive from the RTC partnership.

The mission of the RTC is to identify and train young talent to help grow the base of players around the country with proper technical and tactical fundamentals.

Tucker Tennis is proud to be chosen as an RTC and is on a mission to grow the future success of American tennis.