Pee Wee Pre-Summer Camp

Students ages 4-6 will learn the basics of tennis and improve overall hand-eye coordination in the Pee Wee Summer Program. The use of specially designed equipment along with professional instruction will assure a positive, and most importantly, fun experience.

May 18th – May 29th

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Developmental Pre-Summer Camp

This camp is for beginner to intermediate level players. Students will learn the proper technique for ground strokes, volleys and serves. The program is designed to teach young players basic principles of consistency and competition in a fun, fast-paced learning environment. We will integrate the USTA Net Generation Junior Development Program into our drills for this camp.

May 17th – May 29th

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School Tennis Pre-Summer Camp

This program is designed for the beginner to competitive middle to high school player who is looking to improve their overall game. The class includes a combination of fed-ball drills, live-ball drills and game play.

May 18th – May 27th

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Academy Pre-Summer Camp

This camp is designed for the serious tournament player. The camp stresses technique, proper footwork, mental discipline, attitude and physical conditioning. The use of correct grips for all shots is required. Admission to camp is based on past tournament results/rankings/UTR and evaluation.

May 18th – May 28th

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