Fitness Leader

Jarin Watkins

Jarin joins TTA as a soldier in the Army National Guard out of the state of Kansas. During his time in the military, he learned strong leadership skills, as well as, how to physically push people to the best they can be under hard circumstances.

Education/Experience: Jarin is studying for his Masters at Bryan University out of Tempe, Arizona for academics in physical training as well as nutritional and coaching psychology to help be a better leader for the Tucker Tennis student body.

Certifications Jarin is academically certified with NASM and NSCA meaning they were obtained through a college environment.

NASM – Standard Certification

NSCA – TSAC certification, Student Training Certification, Corrective Posture Training, SAC Training, Strength and Conditioning Certification.

Jarin loves playing music and relaxing at home with his wife. In addition, he undoubtedly loves the gym where he trains daily.

Hourly rate: $65